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Watch our “Forgiveness” Living Room Conversation with Anita L. Sanchez, the author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. You can check

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Religous Freedom

September 7, 2016 The United States constitution guarantees our freedom to express our religion. But what happens when our religious beliefs affect others in society?

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National Basic Income

August 25, 2016 What would happen if we had a National Basic Income (NBI)? Every citizen of the country is guaranteed to receive money, regardless

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August 11, 2016 Homelessness in America is a “wicked problem” that reminds us daily of our failure to be our best. How do we explain

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Stories of Transformation

February 18, 2016 It’s a secret. Living Room Conversations transforms our relationships with people we thought we knew.  And it’s in a very, very good

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Let’s Talk Race

February 4, 2016 Today’s show features three of six participants from a recent Living Room Conversation on Let’s talk race.  We walk with them from the inception

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