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"What we’ve learned is that being in this conversation teaches us a new way of multitasking. We have learned to love our neighbor and disagree, all at the same time."

Reverend Linda Taylor, Faith Partner, Living Room Conversations

Reverend Linda Taylor


I’m Living Room Conversations’ Faith Partner. As a priest, spiritual director and conflict coach, Living Room Conversations is an important resource for me to support faith communities in our sacred work of increasing understanding and building peace, one conversation at a time. I have used Living Room Conversations in leadership retreats and in other situations of conflict, and am
working with faith communities all over the country implementing Living Room Conversations in their communities.
Living Room Conversations are a bridge across issues that divide and separate us. They provide a simple for engaging in friendly yet meaningful conversation with those with whom we may not agree. Unlike some conversations within our faith communities, Living Room Conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground, and sometimes even help us find a way forward when that seemed impossible! 



All Living Room Conversations materials are a free, open-source resource. No fancy event or skilled facilitator is needed. I first experienced Living Room Conversations at a conference held by our Episcopal diocese in California in Spring 2016. Six of us from the church I served participated that day, and we immediately recognized a process our church needed. We began hosting a
Living Room Conversation gathering each month. Some people were regulars, moved by the connection, well-being and hope they received. Some invited friends—both from our church and the larger community. I found participants’ responses awe-inspiring and was moved to see word begin spreading to other congregations.
That’s why I’m writing you—to welcome you to become one of the faith communities using Living Room Conversations. We’ve learned many things along the way, including a new way to multi-task: loving each other even when we disagree.
We’ve learned a lot about best practices, and I’d personally like to share with you what we’ve learned, as well as encourage you to share with us and others on this path. 
This webpage you’ve come to— — offers you a number of resources you’ll find below.
They include sample sermons to help you find words to describe this unique kind of peacemaking in your faith community and Living Room Conversations Conversation Guides on topics of special interest to faith communities. There’s a guide to planning for large group gatherings. 
We also have a customizable flyer we can send you—just ask!
In closing, as you consider trying Living Room Conversations in your community, I encourage you to keep four things in mind:
  1. Safe, honest and loving conversation has the power to change. The five-round format of all our Conversation Guides + our Conversation Agreements are what ensure the quality and safety of Living Room Conversations. We strongly encourage you to observe them!
  2. The Guides and Agreements also mean that Living Room Conversations are easy and often even self-facilitating to do—whether 6 or 106 people are gathered. Always break large groups into no more than 4-7 people for small group conversations.
  3. You have the skills to do this! LRCs are intended to be self-facilitating, but call on me! I’m available to help with any questions or concerns you may encounter.
  4. We will keep building resources to support your work. You’ll find them on this page and throughout the website as you explore it. As you do Living Room Conversations in your faith community, I hope you’ll share what you learn with all of us. My email address is below; consider me your personal contact within our organization.
Healthy congregations have conversations. Living Room Conversations have been a blessing to me and to those with whom I’ve worked. I look forward to hearing from you about yours!
In faith,
The Rev. Linda Taylor


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