Stuck at home because of COVID-19? Check out our Coronavirus Resources for ways to stay connected!

Coronavirus Resources

Staying Connected in Times of Isolation

Living Room Conversations offers these resources to help you stay connected during a time when physical isolation is necessary for individual and community health. 

Do you have a friend, neighbor or relative who might appreciate an invitation to connect? Here are guides to help you have great conversations. Gather with folks by video, social media or on the phone. Use all the questions on the guide or just pick one question to get your conversation started.
We hope the Conversations will help you connect with others and cope with the sense of loss many of us are feeling. Most of all, we hope to join with you in creating and maintaining relationships that generate understanding and enable collaborative problem-solving for our country and around the world.

Join an Upcoming Video Conversation

Tue 07

Lunch Hour Conversation: Coronavirus

April 7 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT
Wed 08

United or Divided?: Living Room Conversation

April 8 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT

Do it yourself! Living Room Conversations guides give you everything you need to have great conversations with your family or friends and their friends. If you have questions about how to do it yourself we have video, written materials and even office hours to answer questions. Co-host with a friend you haven’t seen for awhile and each invite two friends that you are curious to hear from—then have a great conversation. Don’t have your own video service? We may be able to help. We have  Zoom conference lines that we are sharing with Living Room Conversations users.

Sources of Inspiration and Hope

Beauty, Joy, Art

Music unites neighbors and lifts their spirits in song — “Bella Ciao” Balcony performance in Italy

The Rotterdam Symphony playing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony—Movement IV “Ode to Joy”—FROM THEIR HOMES

Good News

#WeavingCommunity during Crisis

This pandemic can either drive us apart or it can drive us together. National Conversation Project’s 300 partner organizations invite Americans to weave a stronger community, especially now.

Facing COVID-19 With Community Instead of Fear

As the coronavirus spreads anxiety and panic across the globe, people are finding ways to share information and support each other.

Priest in Ireland pens touching poem about coronavirus lockdown

Yes there is fear. But there does not have to be hate. Yes there is isolation. But there does not have to be loneliness.

Love in the Time of Corona

We’re drawn to Living Room Conversations because we understand the power of being a loving presence in the face of fear. Because for us, “we’re all in this together” isn’t just a catchy phrase, but an ethos tattooed on our hearts.

Meet Jeff.

Jeff stepped up and raised funds to help feed people in his community. We're all #InThisTogether, how will you support your neighborhood?

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