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Volunteer Opportunities

Living Room Conversations exists due to the efforts of a small team supported by passionate volunteers. If you are dedicated to doing something about the growing divides in our country, we want to hear from you!

Current Opportunities:

Volunteer coordinator

As we grow, we need people to help us manage our growing volunteer community.

Social Media Moderator

We recently launched a new Facebook group to help conversation participants connect with each other. We need your help to moderate as we grow.

Organizers: Lead and Local

Develop relationships with organization leaders and help them generate conversations that are key for their communities; train local organizers who help find co-hosts and prepare participants for success and reporting back.


Developing the Living Room Conversations story locally and nationally online and in the media.


Recruit academics and learn about and better understand and document our successes and failures

INTERESTED? Fill out our Contact Form and let us know which position(s) you’d like to volunteer for.

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