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What is the future we want on nuclear weapons?

The future of America's nuclear arsenal goes beyond presidential politics. It's a conversation that all Americans need to be a part of.

by Joan Blades. Reprinted from the Christian Science Monitor 



The generation that first built and deployed nuclear weapons has left us with the enormous responsibility of keeping humanity safe from their unparalleled destructive force. No matter who wins the elections in November, it is up to all of us to reduce this terrible threat.  

Inspired by President Obama’s recent words in Hiroshima about a world without nuclear threats, I reached across party lines to cohost a Living Room Conversation – a self-facilitated, six person dialogue between individuals with diverse viewpoints – with my friend John Gable, a Republican who worked for Mitch McConnell and both Bush presidencies, also the co-founder of AllSides. We all wanted to better understand the opportunities and obstacles to achieving a world without nuclear threats.