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We've learned that when bringing together people that are at odds about many issues it can be helpful for the first conversation to be about an issue where there is reason to think the participants will find a significant amount of common ground. It is easier to tackle the tough issues once you have established a basis of appreciation and trust. Crony Capitalism proved to be an issue area that was rich in opportunities for find right/left agreement.

January of 2013 Joan Blades co-founder of MoveOn, MomsRising and LivingRoomConversations co-hosted a conversation about Crony Capitalism with Mark Meckler a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. The intent was to identify common ground. In fact the group was surprised by how much they had in common. There is broad agreement that the war on drugs is a failure, forfeiture laws are being abused and must be fixed and too many people are in prison at huge cost to all. Nobody believes prison is the right place to care for the mentally ill. Yet prison is currently our country's primary facility for the mentally ill. We also agreed that it makes no sense for citizens to insure the banks against losses when they gamble with the money entrusted to them and yet allow those same banks to take all the profits when their gamble pays off. It is time to reenact Glass-Steagall. Farm subsidies, stupid regulations and energy subsidies were also touched on as areas of potential common ground.