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Discussing trump and clinton and how really to make america great and good again

By Ralph Benko. Reprinted from Forbes.

This week over 60 million Americans likely will vote for Clinton and another over 60 million for Trump.  The way to get America back on track is for us to listen to one another irrespective of the outcome. What happens after election day is up to us, much more so than it is up to whomever we elect.

We voters are ultimately in charge of the political culture. We can, if we choose, readily put that culture to rights and America back on track. Will we so choose?

Some are already well begun.

On November 2, a unique and startling high profile conversation was conducted by the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College. I, as a representative of livingroomconversations.org, served as co-moderator. Professor Roger Berkowitz, Director of the Arendt Center and Associate Professor of Politics, Philosophy, and Human Rights, served as chief moderator.

The event was no mere academic exercise. It set a new direction, or, rather, a return to old and precious classical liberal first principles.

Hannah Arendt was one of the signal classical liberals of the 20th century. The Center named for her at Bard is keeping lifted her lamp beside the golden door. Since politics is derivative of culture this is a very big deal.