"I have seen the dysfunction of partisan behaviors and believe we must and can do better. I have faith in the good will, intelligence and power of citizens.

It is time to rebuild respectful civil discourse while embracing our core shared values. Adversarial solutions will not create the solutions to the big challenges we face this century. We must learn to engage in collaborative problem solving - holding the tension of our differences while working together with respect and an open heart I believe we can create solutions that are better than any group alone could devise." ~ Joan Blades

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Living Room Conversations: Building a Healthier Democracy.

Co-host a Living Room Conversation and find out how much you have in common with your neighbor.  We believe civil discourse in the United States can be respectful, constructive, collaborative, solution focused and conducive to empowering healthy communities.

This last year we've had meaningful conversations about energy, money in politics, the role of government and immigration. We have conversations planned to talk about crony capitalism and mental health.

Just as a wildfire can start with a single spark, a shift in culture can start with a single conversation. A living room is the match, the conversation is the spark, and the people will become the wildfire that forever change the landscape we call democracy. This is an open-source project that uncovers common ground through conversations among individuals with differing viewpoints. We dream of respectful conversation becoming the new normal. Please join us!

"I pledge to help our leaders and our communities to engage in respectful dialogue and to look for ways to solve problems cooperatively. Doing this, we can create better answers to all the challenges we face."